10 ரகசிய APPS | Best Secret Apps for Android in 2019

10 ரகசிய APPS | Best Secret Apps for Android in 2019

#10 Wave Live Wallpapers

#9 Focusbot…cus-early-access/

#8 Bolt Launcher

#7 Skyscrapers AR

#6 MediaBox

#5 Pull My Tongue…game-lock-screen/

#4 Every Timer…dapp-auto-on-off/

#3 Movee…-glitch-graphics/

#2 Thop entertainment

#1 PhotoSync…up-photos-videos/

Tired of current lock screen? You can try another way to unlock your phone! Drag the tongue of cute monster to unlock screen in a funny way! Also you can try to click around the screen to see funny droopy effect!

Movee allows you to animate your photo, turning them into real dynamic artworks with more than 50+ advanced graphical effects, paint, including VHS, glitch, distort, noise and gradient effects.
Movee also allows you to add dynamic clouds, space and much more.

are you ready to supplement your lessons with something incredible and exciting?
Skyscrapers AR is a new form of augmented reality application that offers users to stay close to the famous skyscrapers of the world, walk around the building and view it in details from all sides, figuring out the features of the architectural creation.

You should point the camera on a printed key image and it will come to life on your tablet or phone with this app. This application will create an augmented reality and take you to the incredible world of modern skyscrapers. Modern lessons with augmented reality are fun, creative and exciting. Do you want to create a 3D museum of modern unique skyscrapers or to build a skyscraper from the materials by hands? This app will give you

Wave Live Wallpapers is a collection of beautiful and elegant live wallpapers that will personalize your phone and make it super awesome. You’ll find amazing video wallpapers with waterfalls, cats, dogs, dolphins, auroras, abstract art and many more.

The application is very easy to use. Just open it, select the live wallpaper you like, download the graphical resources and click Apply. With just 3 easy steps your device’s background will look stunning. You’ll definitely love our designers attention to detail.

World is full of interruptions and requests from other people who are begging for your attention. However, you may be unavailable to answer them or are focusing on tasks at hand such as working, studying, or driving.

This app is an alarm timer with App, WiFi, Bluetooth, network, and automatic mode settings.
You can start and stop apps automatically at any time, and of course, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.
Commute, study, you can use it to suit your time of sport.

Any Soft Keyboard is an open-source, on-screen keyboard with multiple languages support with emphasis on privacy.
This is one of the most customizable keyboards available.

Wirelessly and automatically transfer, backup and share photos & videos between your Android devices, computer, iPhone, iPad, NAS, cloud and photo services. Any kind of transfer – PhotoSync can handle it!


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