How I Got My First iOS Developer Job in 7 months – Starting From Scratch

I went from no programming experience to getting my first job as an iOS Developer in 7 months. In this video I explain specifically what I did to make that happen. I talk about the online courses I took as well as the developer bootcamp I attended. Many people wonder how to become an iOS Developer with no programming experience, if it’s possible, and how long it takes. It is possible… and here’s how I did it.


My Bootcamp Blog Post:

Facebook Interview VLOG #1

Facebook Interview VLOG #2

Facebook Interview VLOG #3

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  • Mradul Gupta

    Hey seen i need your help i want to make an ios app but nothing know which steps i take ? Please help me !

  • ScRiPtEaZe

    what is he saying at 5:10 ? sounds like graywonderlick .com and I'm american and only speak I also have it slowed down to .75
    NVM, i found out he is speaking about :

  • Jason Dhindsa

    Sean, is it normal to feel totally lost and confused when learning this stuff? I feel like such an amateur 🙁

  • Jason Dhindsa

    Sean, would you say the Udacity iOS Nanodegree is a waste of money then? I have a subscription to as well, the only problem I have is consistency. Doesn't the nanodegree force you to study and learn consistently?

  • Brent Mifsud

    This is actually pretty inspiring to me as I suck at technical interviews (mainly the data structure and algorithm questions).

    I never got a comp sci degree so being asked to navigate binary trees or figure out the space time complexity of a solution had me feeling like I had no hope of getting a job.

  • ERadicator49

    I'm surprised but I understand about 90% of you saying from the first try 😀 And I didn't eva learned English 😀
    Let me tell you my story, guys. (it's useless, don't read 😀 )

    Oh, you still here? Ok, lets go…

    I decide to get back to some kind of engineering after a few years break when Im working as a teamleader and sayng to people what to do 😀 I think about what to learn and I realize that iOS development is the most interesting way for me. So I bough a online university program for ~ $850. Then I bough Mac Book Pro 2015 for ~ $1150. As I discovered later this online course is just nothing about bla-bla-bla. I pissed them off and they gave my money back. Now I have Mac book and don't have any new knowlege 😀 But to tell serious I think I need about 1 year to be able to work as a Junior developer after I must to complete my dream to work in Tesla. Do you still reading it? Why? 😀 In any case have a nice day, Bro 😀

  • ZyneBeatbox

    Hey! Idk if you’ll see this. But I am doing a 16months internship at IBM rn. I reeeealllly want to do an iOS fulltime job as my first job. How difficult would it be to land an iOS FT job without iOS dev internship experience ? I’m very worried, because I’ll just be graduating and done school once I’m done this internship (end of August) . Let me know what u think, thanks!

  • Its Reason

    My brain feels like mush whenever I try learning how to code. I feel like there may be something wrong with me. I don't know. It's so annoying not comprehending concepts that others breeze through. When it finally clicks, I wonder why it took so long.

  • Ivaylo Tsochev

    Great video Sean. From almost a year I'm a self-taught person (Python, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript). But from a couple of months, I was fascinated by Swift and Xcode ide and start to learn it. Today was my first interview for Junior iOS Dev. 🙂

  • Jarmahent

    I will personally pay you to help me find a job. I have several years self taught experience and proof with GitHub and contracting work and no one will fucking hire me.

  • Gabriel Andy Fono

    thanks for the video
    but i am 27 and i am looking to become a IOS developer
    please help me because i am so tired of my life at the airport
    i am working as cleaner ,and vacuuming between 7 to 8 hours day

  • KineticUncertainty

    wow, i got a BS in software engineering. I work as a JAVA engineer. I have made intermediate level. I am here because they dont teach you IOS in school. I am making my app into
    IOS from android. Good for you for not having to get a degree. Its kinda rare.

  • Khang Xiong

    I dare to say probably and very likely, your best benefit could have or should have been from being surrounded with other developers. Q n a and collaboration with colleague during development has always for me at least, been the greatest benefits.

  • micjakes1

    Hey Sean, if you would have finished the nanodegree on Udacity, would that have been enough to do your job now?

  • BD DD

    Hello brother, I am keen to listen you bcoz I am a beginner iOS developer, please speak slowly, u r too fast. Thank u for u selfless efforts.

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