How to create a great mobile app store (Google Play or Apple) listing or product landing page

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In this tutorial I explain how to create a great mobile app landing page, or any online product listing that can be found on Amazon, eBay,, or even your website.

These pages all have in common that they are single pages that serve to rank in various search engines, and convince visitors to get the product.

To have a perfect app store or product listing, it must rank in search in order to bring in clients. That means you have to do proper keyword research and SEO techniques that will help your product get exposure.

But your product listing isn’t all about SEO. It is also about getting regular people to get excited with your product.

Even as people are browsing the app store listings or Amazon listings, what they see is your thumbnail photo and product title. Your app’s or product’s title and thumbnail picture must draw people in. The thumbnail should be professionally designed and use bright colors to stand out from the rest of the items that come up in search.

Once people click on your perfect product listing and land on your product or app landing page, you should have a great product description, great user reviews and more beautiful photos of your app. These elements will convince people to get your app or product.

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