How to Make a Fidget Spinner App with Android App Inventor 2 – Full Tutorial

How to Make a Fidget Spinner App for Android, using a free app builder called Appinventor2. It’s actually easier than you think and once you have the basics sorted you can customize the fidget spinner app to make it your own.

And if it turns out ok, you could even upload it to the Android App Store.

App Inventor 2 –

Download the Fidget Spinner Transparent Image used in the App or customize your own.

Blue –!KI4xCQIL!oPfFhFG1k3sLGu0i2FsVf8RsO-qFOrrscBuXNr9_Hrw
Green –!aJBAHS7Y!Dziu6s6X3srYA3DV8iLMPubRogZ3uPVj7W3Inj3bhaU
Red –!GcAmQaZR!NEGBG5iYPvx3ad0QLds5tGTpQ_HN57YU0ObP26Pa0I0


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