Java 9 Course – Build a Todo App With JavaFX – Creating the Database – Part 5

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After 4 months of hard work, my newest Java 9 Masterclass is finally here.

The course is aimed at anyone wanting to learn Java from beginner to advanced concepts.

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Here are some of the topics you we will cover:

– Over 28 hours of content, and counting! – I will be adding more
content in the coming months.

– Full, in depth Java Concepts from beginner to advanced topics
Multithreading in Java

– Lambda Expressions

– Advanced Java Collections (Hashsets, Trees…etc)

– Full understanding of IntelliJ and Eclipse IDE’s and how to use these
IDE’s to create Java Desktop and Web applications

– Database design – How to design, create and connect Java projects
to Mysql database

– JavaFX – Create stunning, well designed (Material Design) JavaFX

– A full-fledged Java FX Login Screen Application

– A Full-fledged JavaFX Todo Application that connects to a MySql

– Build Web Applications Using Vaadin and Springboot

– Learn how the Internet works – Developer perspective

– How to Consume RESTful API’s in Java

– Build a well designed Weather App Using a remote API

And so much more…

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