Learn How To Build a Web Application Without Coding Part 5

An intuitive app builder is integrated within the Caspio platform to allow you to create apps with tremendous control over the functionality, workflow and look and feel of your apps.
Designed for tech-savvy business users, this sophisticated point-and-click technology enables you to build database-driven forms, reports and complete web applications fast and without coding.

Your apps can seamlessly integrate into any website, blog, intranet, or content management system. The site can be hosted anywhere, serving the public or internal employees. Behind the scenes, Caspio runs your apps, hosts your data and ensures security and accessibility.

Caspio’s app builder is not a separate product. Here are some examples of what you can build:

Forms – Create web forms for registration, lead capture, surveys and data entry. Forms could be for new data or updating existing data. Upload files and images, send email alerts and more.

Publish Data, Generate Reports – Make any data set accessible on your website for users to search and drilldown. Optionally make records editable, incorporate files and images and let users download data.

Visualize Data – Generate charts, plot data on Google maps, and display data in calendars. Password Protection and Security – Any form,report or web application may be easily password-protected with enormous flexibility. Since there are no per-user fees, you can have as many authenticated users as you want. Caspio Record Level Security gives you control over who can see what.

Styles and Localization – Change the style,skin or language of your app with a single click. Choose from several provided styles or create your own. Over 10 preloaded languages are available or you can easily customize your own.

Advanced Capabilities – Utilize geocoding, SEO data publishing, DataHub for scheduled data import/export, and many more extensions.

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