Organizing PDF Files – How To Do It?

There are numerous methods in which Adobe Acrobat offers help so as to organize documents and papers to be maintained for future reference or other documentation process when needed. After having created documents and converted into Portable Document Format then the best way to make their management easy is by merging them. You'd need clicking on the 'Merge' command in Acrobat that lets you arrange the files in order so that they look sequined while appearing and in a uniform method you can sort them out. Here's a list of instruction that could be followed to carry out the process.

  • Select 'Merge Files into one PDF' which you'd find in the Choose File / Combine 'menu. There would be one new 'Combine Files' window where you'd need ensuring that at the top right, 'Single PDF' option is chosen. But all this is possible only if you convert your documents from word to pdf first.
  • You would now need clicking on the 'Add Files' button which you'd see in the similar window at the top left side. In the drop down menu, click on the 'Add Files' option. If you want to save all the files in one manageable folder then select 'Add Folder' option. In order to use files that had been used in a prior Combine Files session then select 'Reuse Files' option. Click on 'Currently Open' for files that are already open on your operating system.
  • You could pick the files created in this format which you want to save in an organized way from the 'Choose' window. Given that you add folders then opt for a folder that would import all of the supported files in the folder and its other sub-folders. If 'Reuse Files' is chosen, a new window would appear in the list of files that had been combined before. Drag files to the right in the box named 'File Contents to Reuse'.
  • In the Combine Files window, arrange the files the way you want them to appear by dragging them with the first one placed up and then in sequence. Sorting them could be done by Name, Page Range, Date, and Size.
  • Click on 'Choose Pages' button so as to select a range from the file in order to add to the combined PDF document.
  • In order to create a new document in this format, click on 'Combine Files' button.
  • By adding footers and headers this will give it all even more more arranged look.

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