Schneider Electric has introduced a 3D tool for electrical systems

Schneider Electric has introduced a 3D tool for electrical systems

Schneider Electric has introduced a new BIM Electrical Design plugin for Autodesk Revit software.

BIM Electrical Design is a tool for designing electrical systems for any object that allows you to create a high-quality digital 3D model of the power supply system. She is in
In the future, it will be involved in all stages of the life cycle of the building – from design to operation.


BIM Electrical Design has a complete set of tools and services needed to calculate and select equipment that supports digital power systems and industrial Internet
things. The plugin interface is built into the Autodesk Revit interface, which allows it to be used in the design process. With it, the designer sees the complete network topology, the list
equipment, as well as detailed information about the panels. Special plug-in modules visualize an electrical circuit with calculation parameters and protective equipment for each waste


The integrated equipment base allows the design of power supply systems for high power consumption facilities. With it you can select and add additional to the project
contacts, controls, measuring instruments and digital modules for data transmission.

Integration into the plug-in of access to Schneider Electric cloud services with the possibility of using them in the course of work will allow to optimize design decisions and to carry out additional
compatibility analysis of the equipment used.


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