Part 1 – Introduction – Developing Single Page Applications with the ExtJS Framework

In Part 1 of this Keyhole Software SPA tutorial, we go over what a Single Page Application is, what its architecture looks like, and how a SPA can be implemented using the ExtJS framework. View Part 2 here:

Building Real World Desktop Apps with Electron

There’s one surprising thing which links the VS Code, Slack, WhatsApp, Github and Atom desktop apps together – they have all been built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Thanks to Electron, building these powerful, cross-platform desktop apps is easier than you think. Today we’ll learn how to do just that. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of building Electron apps, and look at a real-world example to see how Slack has been created. We’ll dive into Slack’s architecture, and investigate why we solved some of the problems we faced in the way we did.


JSCamp Barcelona 2018


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Beginner Express.js Tutorial | Building a Star Wars Movie App (Part 2)

In this introductory Express.js tutorial series, we are building a Star Wars themed movie application. We are using Express.js, which is a web framework for Node.js.

In this part, we focus on adding the logic for the application. We add a lot of logic to our routes file, create a dynamic route that passes in information dynamically, wire up the navigation and links, publish the app to Heroku, and much much more! 🙂

GitHub Repository:

Part 1:


Review of Part 1 and preview of this video

Create the movie_single.ejs template file

Render the movie_single template in the movie_single route

Pass in information when the movie_single template is rendered

Using the episode_number in the params to dynamically create the ‘movie’ variable in the movie_single route

Create and render the ‘title’ variable

Write a conditional to render the movie_single template only when the episode_number is between 1 and 6

Displaying the poster for a movie in the movie_single template

Display the description for a movie in the movie_single template

Looping through and displaying the main_characters for a movie in the movie_single template

Using an inline style to display a movie’s background-image in the movie_single.ejs template

Adding links to each of the posters that link to that movie’s own page

Wire up the navigation menu to link to the individual movie pages

Creating the notFound template file and rendering it when necessary

Creating and including the footer.ejs partial file

Deploying the app to Heroku

Conclusion and app overview

Thanks for watching 🙂

Create a Full Stack React & Node App in SECONDS with Web Template Studio

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Ionic Framework Crash Course (4.0+)

Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for developing high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web — all from a single codebase. It works with your app framework of choice, including Angular, React, Vue, or even vanilla JavaScript.

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Go on Azure: Part 1—Build apps with Visual Studio Code | Azure Friday

Ramya Achutha Rao (Sr. Software Engineer) joins Erik St. Martin to show you how to build Go apps with Visual Studio Code. She will be using the Go extension for VS Code which provides smart code completion, integrated debugging and a whole lot more. In the end, still using VS Code, she’ll create a Docker container for the app that is ready to be pushed to the cloud.

For more information:

+ Go on Azure
+ Visual Studio Code – Code editing. Redefined.
+ Go extension for Visual Studio Code
+ Go programming in VS Code docs
+ Azure for Go developers – Tutorials, API Reference
+ Create a free account (Azure)

Go on Azure series:

Part 1—Build Go apps with Visual Studio Code (this episode)

Part 2—CI/CD, Docker, and Kubernetes with VSTS

Part 3—Go on Web Apps and Azure Kubernetes Service

Part 4—Cloud-native Go apps

Part 5—Build apps with the Azure SDK for Go

Part 6—Events and messaging

Part 7—Build a Go app with Buffalo and deploy to Azure

Building SMP 3 Apps with HTML5 (Kapsel, Sencha Touch)

This video demostrates how effectively we can create SMP 3 Mobile apps using NW Gateway system and HTML5 tools, and compile the app as Native using Cordova/ PhoneGAP

How to server side render with create-react-app and react-router

Today we’ll be taking a create-react-app application, implementing react-router, rendering it on the server, and finally, deploying to Heroku.

Here you can view the application (it’s on a free Heroku dino, so you’ll have to wait for the startup time of the Node server):

Here you can view the source code of the application:

Happy coding!

Evan Jones