38 incredible iPhone photos, bringing movies and TV shows into the real world


Photographer François Dourlen has carved a niche for himself in producing some incredible images using an iPhone. However, his pictures aren’t great because they were taken with the device’s camera, rather that they feature the phone in some very inventive circumstances.

Dourlen brings movie, cartoon, games and TV show characters to life in the real world by holding his phone up to everyday objects. And the results are brilliant.

He brings an image of a film star or cartoon character up onto the iPhone screen and cleverly holds it in the right place so it looks like it is part of its surroundings. He then takes the snap using a DSLR camera and posts the results on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

He has more than 190,000 people following his Instagram exploits (at @francoisdourlen).

His art actually reminds us of the former sleeveface craze, where people submit images of themselves holding an LP cover over their own face to hilarious effect (check it out here). But we love the way that Dourlen has utilised an iPhone and therefore technology as part of his endeavours.

We’ve collected some of our favourite examples of his work for you to enjoy. 


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