Apple Podcasts to get paid subscription service on 15 June


Apple Podcasts was due to get an interesting update slightly earlier this year, unlocking the ability for content creators to charge for subscriptions to premium versions of their podcasts.

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That change was delayed by a bit, but will now launch on June 15, according to emails sent to podcasters by Apple, so everything should be going live very shortly.

The big change for users will be the arrival of a new “subscribe” button in their app for those podcasts which do take advantage and offer new tiers.

Paid-for bonuses could include the removal of any ads from the listening experience, or early access to episodes, and there’s a bit of leeway for what might be on offer.

Unlike Spotify, this will all be a one-tap in-app purchase, too, making it very easy to add paid-for subscriptions to your listening lists, so it’ll be interesting to see how successful the addition is.

It’s another sign that the war for podcast domination may have become a bit of a background factor, but is still very much ongoing, given Spotify’s own premium subscription system is also pretty newly-launched.


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