Microsoft PowerApps Power BI and Flow: Power platform vision and roadmap – GS007

Turn insight into action when you build business apps with PowerApps, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Flow. This session gives you an overview of the power platform and how you can empower everyone to build apps that transform your business. We cover what we have in market today along with our roadmap and vision for the future.

Build full-stack enterprise Node.js apps with Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Azure – BRK3041

Node.js is a scalable JavaScript server runtime with a huge ecosystem of open source packages and a variety of front-end frameworks, like Angular, React, and Vue to build web apps. We explore a application using MongoDB, express, Angular and Node.js (MEAN stack) and how to debug it, use new Node.js SDKs for cloud data with Azure Cosmos DB, and deploy to the cloud with Docker. Learn how Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s open source, cross-platform editor, supercharges your productivity, including debugging front-end and server-side code, deploying, and even debugging remotely.

PowerApps: The top 10 new features that will help you build apps with ease – BRK2180

The way we build apps is fundamentally changing and PowerApps is leading the way. Hear from real customers including LEGO about how they are dramatically accelerating the way they build apps on a unified platform across Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and standalone apps. Be the first to check out the top 10 latest capabilities that will help you go even faster pulling in your data, wherever it lives, leveraging over 200 connectors to cloud services, on-premises data, or even your custom-built connectors. The Common Data Service for Apps will make it even easier to bring it all together in a standard format through the extensible Common Data Model. All with the enterprise-grade security and manageability of PowerApps.

Build real-time web communication apps with ASP.NET Core SignalR – BRK3189

SignalR is now part of ASP.NET Core! Join us to learn how you can build real-time web applications with all the benefits of ASP.NET Core, including better performance and cross-platform support. This session introduces you to some of the improvements in the SignalR programming APIs, and how to use SignalR in a variety of ways, from in-browser applications, to desktop applications, and in Azure with serverless functions. Finally, we take a look at the recently released Azure SignalR Service, which enables infinite scaling potential so your apps can reach thousands of users in real time.

Getting started with the MSIX Packaging Tool – THR3097

The MSIX Packaging Tool allows IT pros to easily migrate their existing installers to MSIX. This session covers the ins and outs of the MSIX Packaging Tool, and offers best practices for converting your enterprise apps.

Enterprise Mobile DevOps: Build and distribute apps faster with App Center – BRK2023

Mobile apps are increasingly a core part of the enterprise. Users expect seamless updates, features and bug fixes for their applications. Developers want to release company compliant apps more frequently with great confidence. Admins want to have control over these apps and without interrupting their users. Join us to learn how Azure App Center can help you:
· Build, test, and distribute your app directly to your users on every commit
· Release apps to the Microsoft Intune store through App Center automatically
· Enable rapid feedback from early testers via the group distribution feature
· Improve your app’s performance through detailed crash analytics
· Secure your apps with Intune’ MAM
· Manage apps and roles at scale with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Build cloud-enabled mobile apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin – BRK2210

Building modern mobile apps involves creating fast, native app experiences across Android, iOS, and Windows, powered by cloud services to store data, provide back-end services, and interact in smarter ways through push notifications. In this session, we go through building modern mobile apps with Visual Studio, Xamarin, and C#, using the power of Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services. Your search for a session that shows how to build mobile cloud-enabled apps is over! Sign up now!

Build your first Xamarin.Forms application – THR1105

Learn how to build native Android, iOS, and Windows apps using C#, Visual Studio, and Xamarin.Forms. We introduce you to the Xamarin tools for Visual Studio and show you how to build a cross-platform application from scratch. Learn how to design a mobile adaptive UI, store local data, and navigate between different screens of your app.

PowerApps: Build a full business app in 10 minutes – THR2072

Join this fast-paced overview and hear how to use Microsoft PowerApps and the Common Data Service for Apps to create rich and comprehensive apps, leveraging a custom data model, forms, and tools to guide users through your business processes.