The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Mobile HTML5

According to the latest usage statistics posted on W3Techs, more than 54% of all websites currently use HTML5 as a markup language. The effectiveness of HTML5 can also be determined from the fact that it is currently being used by YouTube as its default video player. Likewise, Facebook has also switched from Flash to HTML5 for all its videos. A number of surveys have also highlighted that a large percentage of developers nowdays prefer HTML5 mobile applications to native and hybrid mobile applications.

HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, helps developers to build responsive websites that look good on each device. Also, the HTML5 applications deliver optimized viewing experience on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and phablets. Unlike native and hybrid mobile apps, the HTML5 mobile apps run on web browsers. Major operating systems and web browsers currently support the fifth version of HTML. Here, it becomes easier for developers to manage, update and distribute the mobile applications without any hassle. There are also a number of reasons why many analysts believe that HTML5 is changing the mobile app development landscape consistently.

Why HTML5 is Transforming the Mobile App Development Landscape?

Simplifies Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

To generate more revenue, developers nowdays build mobile apps by targeting multiple mobile platforms. The features and native programming language of individual mobile platforms vary. So developers have to put extra time and effort to build native apps for each targeted mobile OS. But HTML5 makes it easier for developers to create cross-platform mobile apps using commonly used web technologies. The programmers can further write a single codebase and reuse the same code base across different mobile platforms.

Overcome Mobile Device and OS Fragmentation

While developing mobile apps, developers find it daunting to address key challenges like mobile device and OS fragmentation. For instance, they have to build apps by targeting a variety of devices powered by the latest versions of iOS or Windows Phone. Similarly, they have to ensure that the app runs flawlessly on a wide variety of devices powered by different models of Android. HTML5 enables developers to build apps that run seamlessly on each mobile device, platform and network. Here, it becomes easier for HTML5 developers to focus on the features and functionality of the app, instead of worrying about device and operating system fragmentation.

No Need to Learn Native Language of Each Platform

While developing native apps, developers have to use the native programming language of each targeted mobile platform. For instance, they have to write Android apps in Java, and iOS apps in Objective-C or Swift. But HTML5 enables developers to make the web application available on many mobile platforms without using multiple programming languages. They can simply use commonly used web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build a variety of cross-platform mobile apps and responsive websites.

Easy to Maintain and Update Apps

As noted earlier, HTML5 enables programmers to write the mobile application once, and deploy it across multiple mobile platforms. Here, the developers are required to maintain a single code base. They can easily make changes to the code to make the app bug-free and flawless across many platforms. Similarly, the single code base makes it easier for programmers to add new features and functionalities to the application, without pushing users to update their apps. They can even change the content of the applications easily to keep the users interested and engaged.

Improve Visibility of Apps

At present, users have the option to choose from millions on mobile apps available in the App Store, Google Pay, and Windows Store. Here, the businesses must implement a robust marketing strategy to improve the visibility and discoverability of their apps. Likewise, they must promote the paid apps effectively to convince users to prefer them over similar free apps. But businesses often find it easier to distribute and market HTML5 applications. Unlike native apps, HTML5 applications need not be submitted to various app stores. The open distribution mode further helps businesses to improve the visibility and discoverability of their applications, while decreasing competition.

Option to Use Many Robust HTML5 Frameworks

The developers also have the option to reduce the mobile app development time significantly by using robust HTML5 frameworks. Based on the nature and requirements of the project, they have an option to choose from several HTML5 frameworks including Kendo UI, Ionic, Intel XDK, Sencha Touch and Framework 7. The developers can also use PhoneGap to package the HTML5 applications natively, and distribute them through app stores.

Curtail Development Cost

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are open source web technologies. So these technologies help businesses to reduce cross-platform mobile app development cost significantly. An enterprise also has the option to build hybrid mobile apps by leveraging the skill of its existing web developers. Any developer familiar with these commonly used web technologies can easily build a variety of mobile applications. Also, HTML5 frameworks enable developers to build robust applications without putting extra time and effort. The reduced development time and simple distribution model further help businesses to reduce time to market significantly.

However, the developers still need to address a number of challenges while developing HTML5 applications. For instance, the slow execution speed of HTML5 impacts the performance of mobile apps as most mobile devices have limited processing power. Likewise, HTML5 mobile apps can not take advantage of features specific to devices and operating systems. Also, these applications lack monetization and marketing options as there is no centralized store for these mobile apps. Many developers still prefer developing HTML5 mobile applications to make new applications available on multiple platforms within a shorter amount of time.

5 Dynamic Ways to Get Your iPhone App Featured on the App Store

Apps play a critical role in intensifying utility of the iPhones. Though, it means much more than a mere smartphone for the mobile aficionados however, an iPhone without apps is similar to an engine without fuel. Adhering this fact, developers and entrepreneurs are trying it to hard to bring new feature-laden apps for catering multifaceted purposes of users.

With the recent upgrades of the iOS 11 App Store, the menu bar now hosts a Featured tab, which will help them to feature their work and acknowledge quality-oriented products. With the newer improvements, it will now show more product information thenby, making them more visible for the users. So, you must keep in mind that you need to build a great product which, will address the needs of your users. Following here are some of the significant ways to make it properly featured in the App Store.

Being Native is the Safest Bet

Apple wants to feature those applications which, are specifically built for iOS. You must try to build a native product. Moreover, the company looks for native ones because they will deliver high quality and enhanced user experience. With hybrid ones, you need to typically compromise with the user experience as it can not be deployed on other platforms. Thus, building a native app and offering a unique user experience will increase your chances of getting featured in the App Store.

Error-free Functionality

The product that you develop must boast the highest quality, which is intuitive, simple and useful. Thus, before featuring it, you must fix all the bugs of it thereby, making it flawless.

Boost Visibility with ASO

ASO is the technique of optimizing it so that it scores a high rank in the search engine results. Furthermore, it is helpful for driving more traffic by increasing its visibility and boost the number of downloads. You must place the keywords strategically through all the sections of its listing. Furthermore, it must also include the main keywords. Furthermore, you must find balance between keeping the title lucid and including the keywords.

Leverage the App Store Page

With the upgraded version, redesigned product pages for all the applications highlight the most significant details of products. You need to optimize the App Store page for increasing the number of downloads. Check whenever the store page can persuade the user well for downloading it. All the elements of it play a critical role in determining whether the users will download it or not. Thus, the more enticing its description is, the higher are your chances of getting featured.

Final Word

Deploying these above-mentioned tactics will certainly help you to raise your chances of getting featured. With experienced iPhone app developers, it becomes easy for your develop a quality product which, stands unique in the market and highly useful. This, in turn, works as a great opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase the engagement and retention rates.

Appmakr – Create Your Own Smartphone App!

A custom app and mobile website is not just for business. It’s perfect for associations, organizations, families, and yes, even to keep in touch with your friends instantly. With a professional appmakr you can utilize this powerful tool in many ways.

The smartphone industry is quickly replacing PC’s and laptops as the communication method of choice. If you are marketing anything or just building a brand for your own personal services, you will want to get your customized app on as many phones as possible.

Creating an app also acts as a mini website with up to 6 pages to fill with content of your choice including pictures. Included within the mobil app is the ability to text message your customers. Text messaging is critical to your mobile marketing strategy. Right now today, and the stats are there to prove it, 95% of all text messages are read within five minutes if receipt.

You can even let people subscribe to your text messages without having to download your app by the use of Free QR codes (quick response). With a mobile appmkr you have access to a free qr code generator to help assist in advertising your product or services. All your customer does is “scan in” the QR code using his or her smart phone… no need to type in an address, and no need to type out a text to subscribe to your service! Just imagine having a simple QR graphic on your business cards, or a storefront window, or in all your print advertising… even your stationery, inviting your customers to simply scan it in for immediate access! This way you can integrate all of your offline marketing and promotion with your Mobile Marketing strategies!

Best part of a mobile app is the ability to customize it..Once your phone application is built, you will be given special access to your own control panel and it’s simple, really. This program has been designed not for the technogeeks, but for everyone. Most mobile app creators can build an app in minutes. All you have to do is submit content, graphics, and pictures and you’re done. Promote your app and make money.

Your custom phone app will set you apart from everyone else. It has a “Wow!” factor. It has a sizzle factor. You simply must be part of the ‘in’ crowd, and with our unique program, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

Why Should You Go for Ionic App Development in 2018?

The moment – when you decide to have a mobile app development for your business is perhaps the happiest one. This is because, immediately thereafter, you might be scratching your head and facing the technology dilemma. Native, Hybrid or Web Application? What platform should you go for? Speak to mobile app development services providers and they will tell you one thing. “If you want to save time efforts and want a cost-effective app that evolves with time, go for Hybrid mobile app.”

During the initial years, experts highly criticized Hybrid Apps for their mediocre user interface and sluggish performance. However, things took a U turn with the introduction of Ionic platform. Ionic App Development made it easy to develop multi-platform applications and brought sophistication in the field of hybrid apps. It is a framework that enables developers to build hybrid mobile apps using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

But before you approach an Ionic Mobile App development company for developing mobile apps using ionic framework, you must know why you should choose the framework. Let us try to understand that through this article.

Free Open Source

There is a drawback to using an open source. You can get trapped with an unstable framework that might break. But with Ionic, things are different. It is stable, swift and reliable and works pretty much like native apps. If you think developing a native app will burn holes in your pocket, Ionic App Development will prove to be quite cost-effective. Moreover, the framework is easy to learn and helps design a mobile web page in no time!

The AngularJS Advantage

When it comes to finding a popular framework for web and mobile apps, Angular is the first name that comes on everyone’s lips. AngularJs framework enables the developers of AngularJs Development Company to develop high performance apps based on Ionic platform. Ionic App Development makes use of AngularJs for building the application structure and other features. It also makes use of the syntax extending of HTML for including the elements of app and data binding.

Classy User Interface

As mentioned above, experts criticized Hybrid Apps for the way they looked. But Ionic changed their perspective. JavaScript and CSS support render with better customization options of color, menus, buttons, schemes and more. The best part? Excellent standards of User Interface elements along with features like Right to Left language support. These features enable you to publish your apps in multiple language. Ionic supports motion, depth as well as colors of the material design so that you can have an attractive UI.

Easy Testing

With Ionic framework, Mobile App testing becomes easier. If you hire Ionic developer, they can test your app on the desktop browser and conduct simulator testing for Android and iOS apps with the help of Cordova commands. In iOS devices, it is possible to perform testing with safari or a mobile browser. To get an idea about the working of the app, they can test the app directly as a hybrid or native app on the actual platform. Remote debugging is also possible. With so many testing facilities, your attempts to create a perfect Ionic app is rarely a failure.

Winding up…

The purpose behind introducing Ionic framework was to bridge the gap between hybrid apps and AngularJs web apps. It makes the most out of the Cordova library and AngularJS application framework to build interactive hybrid apps. It would not be an exaggeration in saying that Ionic proved to be a savior for Hybrid App Development. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the scope of ionic powered hybrid apps now!

Why Outsource Your Mobile App Development?

Being unable to wave off work, just because you are travelling, sure is a pain. Whether you like it or not though, being able to harness the full power of the cloud from your smartphone has boosted productivity exponentially.

Mobile App development companies have sprouted up by the thousands, in response to this growing need for mobile application development. Some companies still prefer developing apps in-house, for various reasons, but outsourcing your app development needs to a mobile app development company has several benefits.

1. Price – I’ll say this straight off the bat: Outsourcing your app development to a mobile app development company, especially if the app is not your primary product, is a lot cheaper than doing the same in-house. There’s a reason why individual parts of an iPhone are sourced from different corners of the world, instead of building each part in-house. Mobile application development companies have specialized task forces set in place, meaning the app development process turns out to be a lot cheaper.

Quick Development – Again, having specialized task forces, equipped with all the tools necessary to build your mobile app, is a huge advantage here. Mobile app development companies operate under strict deadlines, and as long as you don’t become too greedy and outsource your app without due diligence, your app will be ready on time.

Streamline your own work process – This applies especially if you have a compact small team. Instead of hiring your own team of developers and increasing the hassle, by outsourcing your app to mobile application development companies, you only need to regularly check on them, or have your technical head do it, while you can focus on the primary job at hand.

UX Matters – Having only a functional app, is simply not good enough. User experience matters; period. Good mobile application development companies, like I’ve said, with its specialized task forces, are your best bet at ensuring your mobile app turns out exactly the way you’ve envisioned it.

Experience – It’s essential to stay toe-to-toe with industry standards. Fall behind, and you’ll end up with a slow, unappealing app, which modern users simply will not or struggle to use. Mobile Application development companies bring with them a treasure chest of experience and are always at par with the latest trends in the industry.

2. Multi-Platform development – If you choose to release solely an Android App, you end up losing out on reaching to a vast iOS using population, and don’t forget the tablet PCs out there. Now obviously, assembling a team for all these purposes is a gargantuan task. Why get your hands dirty when mobile app development companies can do it for you?

It’s the smart decisions that make or break a company. Outsourcing your app development, especially if your primary product isn’t an app, could be one of those decisions.

5 Essential Qualities to Expect in an Adroit iOS App Developer

With the demand for iPhones reaching to its peak, most of the companies are drawing their shift towards building top-rated iOS apps which, will widen their customer base. However, the prime requisite to build a good iOS app is to hire a good app developer without whom your entire investment in mobile app development might go in vain. Thus, it’s of prime importance to hire the right professional for your project who can meet your requirements perfectly.

With proper research and the industry overview, it becomes much easy for you to choose the right professional and adhering this fact, here are some of the inherent qualities to look in an app development expert.


While considering the world of technology, staying updated is one of the most essential things for an app developer. In-depth knowledge for the latest iOS versions is a requisite for the developers. Developing an app with a consideration on its latest version will help you to stay ensured that it can offer a refined experience to users.


Different businesses have different goals and needs. Keeping this in mind, you must look for an expert who has relevant experience to work with various types of projects. The developer must have the potential to follow different types of development concepts or practices for different kinds of projects. Offering a unique solution for your business will not only make you stand apart in the industry but, drive more customer engagement as well.

Adaptive with technological advancements

Having a successful track record is not enough satisfactory to bring assured success for your app as well. Instead, verify that whether the professional has the urge to bring something new to the table while they take in-charge of a new project. The iOS industry is greatly dynamic and thus, it is necessary for him to keep proper tune with the emerging technological trends.


Punctuality is another crucial factor which, is essential to consider while hiring an app developer. This aspect covers different significant details such as time progress updates of the project, fixed timing and date of the meeting and much more.


Another area of concern is to check availability of the programmer. It is essential to note that he can offer you required support and help effective communication via your preferred medium as well to discuss the ongoing project requirements and expected outcome.

Choosing the right iOS app development expert for your project plays a great role in determining the success of your project. Thus, it is of utmost value to consider the aforesaid aspects before you hire a professional and make sure to end up with a successful project.

5 Ways NodeJs Simplifies App Development

NodeJs is widely adopted by development companies as it helps reduce the time to market for apps. Reduced labor costs and agility are other benefits that result in rapid development, which helps companies to react to fast-changing commercial landscapes of today’s time.This is a JavaScript run-time environment, which means that it includes everything required to implement a program written in JavaScript.

Here are 5 ways in which NodeJs reforms the rules of app development:

Modular design

The best example to consider for this would be PayPal, which developed an application in parallel with one team using Java and another team using NodeJs.

According to Jeff Harrell, the Director of Engineering and Chief Architect at PayPal, the app built using NodeJs required 33 percent less number of lines of code; was able to handle double requests per second; and reduced response time by 35 percent as compared to Java version.

The team with 2 developers was able to complete the project in two weeks whereas Java developers, 20 in number, were still working to complete the project after eight months. PayPal embraced to reduce massive code base and redesigned their current Java services.

If you are planning to build your next application, opt for development services for modularity. As each module has its own functionality, and can be shared across teams, this allows quick app development as well as better team collaboration.


The modular design of NodeJs code builds a rich ecosystem that can be embraced while building an app. This ecosystem integrates the work of low-level programmers and front-end JavaScript developers for server-side development.

The dependencies within its ecosystem make it easier to incorporate, adapt and share.


Its modular design and large ecosystem allow programmers delivering NodeJS development services to enjoy better collaboration. Java creates monolithic systems and deep alliance using Object Oriented programming, which makes it difficult to share discrete functional components. This, on the other hand, facilitates app development, allowing the apps to be built faster with more focused components that have a specific functionality and that can be easily shared across different teams.

Time to market

Modular design, fewer lines of code and cross-organizational collaboration, all help in accelerating time to market.

This helped the team of developers at Yahoo to deliver a fully-functional, production-ready app in 30 days by exploiting modular design with small modules along with an internal registry for efficient collaboration.

Owing to its dynamic nature, JavaScript allows faster iteration to allow the team offering development services to deliver quick solutions to market. Teams can build, test and deploy new services and user experiences to satisfy customer needs.

Operating costs

Not only makes it easier to build software applications, but also makes them cost-effective. Companies require less compute power to host NodeJs apps and allow operation teams to ensure one-to-one relationship between a compute resource and server.

As less number of developers are required to work on a single NodeJs project, it also cuts down labor costs.

NodeJs development companies know that is great for achieving high performance, reduced costs, increased productivity and faster development. This is why top software development companies across the globe are embracing to deliver quick solutions to their clients.

If you are planning to build your next app, look for a reliable NodeJs development company that has the experience and expertise to provide top-notch, business-focused NodeJS development services to build a high-performance, flawless and scalable app in fast turnaround time. After all, the success of your project depends majorly on the development team that you choose.

5 Key Strategies to Boost Visibility of Android Apps on Google Play

With a galore of highly intuitive mobile apps available on Google Play, it becomes difficult to optimise your app and fetch a steady number of downloads. To make your app successful, it is essential to research well and come up with a unique strategy for presenting your app as more performing and better than the rest.

Adhering this fact, here are some of the most productive optimisation tips for boosting visibility of your app on Google Play.

Research and Place Targeted Keywords in the Description and Name

Keyword research has always been an important part of a process which, includes any optimisation strategy meant for a search algorithm. Try to use the set of keywords which, are relevant to the app. Moreover, try to pick a set of keywords which, enjoy the highest Traffic Scores and support the changes to gain a high rank as well.

Boost the Visual Appeal of app

While considering the concept of App Store Marketing, using imagery that serves the interest of browsers is a key strategy to work on. You will have to choose the screenshots which, accurately convey the main features of your app. This, in turn, will offer a good reason to users for downloading your app.

Track Your Progress

It is important to check the ranking of your app for the targeted keywords by using different performance measurement metrics. The different types of measurement metrics help in offering clear insight about effectiveness of the optimisation strategies thereby, allowing users to know their market standing.

Build an Attractive App and Get Good ratings

Build an app which, provides great value to your investment and your app will get optimistic reviews. Getting favourable feedback from users will help in improving the ranking of your app at search result pages of Google Play thereby, helping to drive consumers for making the final decision.

Release Promo Videos

Before buying an app, consumers mostly prefer to see how an app functions. Marketing at Google Play over the Apple Store comes with a huge benefit of including a YouTube clip of the app in action. This serves as a brilliant opportunity for showing customers what the product is, how it works and how it serves as a unique choice and most importantly the reason which, drives people to download it.

A well-built app directs impacts the various performance metrics related to the product. This certainly includes the download growth, number of downloads, installs, number of ratings and usage frequency as well. These facts and figures help in understanding how well the mobile app is performing and whether it requires any type of improvement or not while, optimising it on Google Play.

Important Reasons To Consider Windows Mobile App Development

You must have noticed people holding their Android phones or iPhones for communication or shopping, but now new operating systems are also entering the market with great features and the trends are also changing. It is really interesting to note that 57% of the developers still plan to develop mobile apps for Windows phone as its marketplace has crossed over 1 million.

Everyone would love to go for a sleek interface, integration with cloud services and easy availability of other Microsoft products like Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive and many more in a single device. And this is the reason why Windows Phone is still preferred by the developers and business owners. It has been able to successfully carve out a dominant place in the market for itself.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why building Windows app would be beneficial to enhance your business recognition and also cover a gamut of people who would be aware of the application.

Simple and advanced user interface:

Today, every user expects an easy to use interface for their mobile devices so that they can perform their tasks quickly. Windows phones are sensitive and uses an advanced user interface that entraps the attention of the people and also enhances its popularity. Users always want all tasks to be performed within limited time and speed, efficiency and performance is what they look for in their devices. Windows operating systems provide all these and this is the reason why enterprises and organizations choose Windows to build their mobile apps. Since its popularity is at its peak, building an app for this operating system would increase the awareness of the Windows app among the people and cover a larger spectrum of audience.

Build apps once and get it everywhere:

Another major concern that most developers worry about is that, in order to make any app popular, it is important to make it available on multiple platforms so that it can cover a huge audience base. The way Microsoft is tackling the mobile first method, is very clearly present in the latest release of Visual Studio. The current release has made it easier for iOS developers to quickly migrate to Windows mobile app development with complete support for Objective-C development in Windows Apps. Visual Studio now supports building of apps for Windows, iOS and Android as one platform.

Publishing Windows apps is easy:

Windows mobile app publishing is one the easiest methods of deploying apps to your enterprise when compared to iOS and Android. iOS requires applying a certificate to your app. Microsoft does not need a specific enterprise certificate as Apple needs. Microsoft has also come up with various tools to build apps that can be easily tested and published. The tools allow you to create an app within a few hours and this helps to get the work completed faster and also in an efficient manner. After the app has been created, it can be uploaded to any mobile app manager like AirWatch or MobileIron and published to an enterprise app store.

Who Are Your App’s Target? Knowing User Sentiments Right

For deciding the user segment or target market for an app, the only thing needed is knowing all the pain points of the mobile users. A mobile app’s key touchpoint is its ability to influence brand interactions, level up the UX (User Experience) and increase customer satisfaction. But, how to ensure that the app you are getting for your business will hit the right users? Does it accompany all the features that users needed desperately? There are many things you should know well to make sure that your app is grasping the right audience or right opportunities in the market. The only way to get that is by knowing the emotions playing in the minds of the users and striking the right chord.

The following section explains to you how to know about users’ sentiments and then build an app that resonates with them.

Understanding the apps that already prevail

To get your own position in the market, first know the weak points of the existing apps. List out your competing apps, study and analyse their product information, reviews, feedbacks and market statistics. Examine well to know the solutions they lack or the issues users face from the reviews and get them right in yours.

Studying users behaviour

Talking directly with the users is the best way to understand their pain points. There are many ways to do that. Online/offline surveys, interviews, or focus groups. You need to analyse from the responses their expectations from an app solution and build yours to cater to them.

Creating the User Personas

To target the right audience in the market, create user personas as they assist well in identifying the true emotions of users associated with the app after uncovering some true facts about them. Personas are simply complete user profiles which include vital personal details like locations, mobile usage behaviour, needs or expectations. With the personas, you can truly get an absolute idea of the “who and why” of your app creation.

Users’ journey map is an essential consideration

Knowing the users’ journey helps in adapting the app to their altering behaviours over the time. It will help you perceive the user experience from their point of view, how they like to interact with the brand and what are the key areas to improve. This will eventually empower you to tweak in your app’s functions perfectly according to the user’s behavior and turn them to loyal followers.

Companies that fail to recognise the main sentiments of customers behind using an app, clearly cannot get a user-centric app solution that caters to all of their needs. The key way always is to knowing their desires, emotions, preferences, or pain points well and working hard to address them through your concerned app. That’s how you will find your app targeting the right users or utilising the right opportunity in the market.