Best external SSD for Xbox Series X and Series S 2021: Expand your game collection freely


Microsoft’s new consoles are finally here, with the Xbox Series X and Series S bringing next-generation visual performance to homes all over the world, whether in 4K or 1440p depending on which you go for.

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However, the size of modern game installations has become a bit of a bugbear for many of us, taking up more and more of our consoles’ storage each time we get a new one. Although the Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB SSD, the Series S has just half that at 512GB, so you’re likely to find it filling up crazy quickly.

That’s why we’ve gathered together some excellent external SSDs that you could pick up right now to make sure that your game collection doesn’t have to get deleted in a moment of need. 

The best Xbox Series X SSD or Xbox Series S SSDs 


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