Best PlayStation controller 2021: Pick up an extra PS4 or PS5 game pad


Sony’s not afraid of change when it comes to the controllers it sends out alongside each iteration of its famous PlayStation consoles – from the original DualShock and its three follow-ups all the way through to the amazing new DualSense, the PS5 controller. 

Consoles only ever come with one controller, though, outside of a few bundles, so most people will soon find that they need a second pad for coop gaming or playing against their mates on the sofa. That, or you might have worn out your current controller, or fancy a few extra benefits like customisation and even extra buttons. If you’re hunting for a new pad to go with your PS5 or PS4, we’ve gathered some of the best available right here.

Do note for now, though, that only the DualSense works with PS5 games on the new console at present, until Sony opens up the ecosystem and allows new pads to hit the market. 

Our pick of the best PS4 or PS5 controller


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