Samsung’s much-mocked personal assistant Bixby keeps on trucking no matter what people think about it. The last meaningful update introduced some Google Assistant-inspired design changes, one of which meant it wouldn’t open in full-screen whenever launched. With this latest update, some results will also be confined to the lower portion of the screen for a much less obtrusive look.

How much screen real estate search results take up will depend on how much they need, and they are now anchored to the bottom, which is much more in line with Samsung’s One UI vibe of putting everything within a thumb’s reach. According to SamMobile, if you don’t further interact with Bixby or dismiss the result yourself, it’ll disappear after 15 seconds. This is more in line with how the Google Assistant works, and it looks a lot better in my opinion.

Old vs new. Image Credit: SamMobile

Aside from the more compact results screen, Bixby will now show app-based hints if you have Personalized Bixby enabled. It’ll also be possible to use the assistant without having to go through the tedious voice-training exercise first. Finally, there’s a new ability to add quick commands to your homescreen for voice-free use.

This update may not make up for some of the app’s bigger failings, but it should make it a bit nicer to use. It’s currently rolling out via the Galaxy Store so go check it out.