Several users have taken to social media to report that the Google app on their Android phone is constantly crashing. While there’s no clear reason why this is happening, a new update seems to be causing the problem.

The issue doesn’t seem to be limited to just one version of the app. I faced the problem with version on my Redmi K20 Pro whereas one of our tipsters experienced it with the beta version Lens, Podcasts, and the Assistant are also affected by the crashes as they’re bundled into the Google app.

Google’s Twitter account has suggested a soft reboot to fix the issue, and it seems to be working for some users. However, the fix isn’t universal and you might need to resort to other steps to stop the crashes. For me, uninstalling the update via the Google Play Store did the trick, but you could also try clearing cache and data.

A similar problem with tons of crashing apps plagued Android phones back in March, though that time around, the Android System WebView was the culprit.

We reached out to Google for an explanation and we’ll update the article if we hear back.