Google relaunched its Pay app last year, placing a greater focus on sending money between friends and family. Having a built-in Venmo alternative on Android is great, but users who actually want to use their newfound cash have been stuck moving balances between their virtual wallet and bank account. That’s not the case anymore, as Google Pay allows you to submit any NFC payment with your account balance.

The app now includes a virtual card that pulls directly from your Pay balance, as spotted by 9to5Google. This change is pretty significant for how wallets work in Pay. Previously, the options for spending any cash sitting on your account were pretty limited. You could send it back to another friend, transfer it to a bank (a multi-day excursion), or spend it on certain online purchases. With this virtual card, you can spend your cash at any NFC-equipped register. Groceries, gas, takeout — the options are limitless.

This feature is coming to a select group of Android users in the US starting this week, with plans for all US-based Android users sometime soon. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a prompt when you tap “Google Pay balance” in the Insights section of the app. Just don’t expect a physical card to be sent out anytime soon.

More information

Google reached out to us to expand and clarify on the nature of this feature. We’ve updated the article.

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage