#1.3 Android with Kotlin Tutorial: First Android App using Kotlin in Android Studio

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Learn how to create Android App in minutes using Android Studio using Kotlin language. Explore in Brief what is an Activity, XML Layouts and what are the different project structure and directories of an Android Project.

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16 thoughts on “#1.3 Android with Kotlin Tutorial: First Android App using Kotlin in Android Studio”

  1. i cant see the toolbar ,even my avd is also showing error of resiizing partition e2fsck failed
    what to do pls tell me

  2. I have downloaded Android Studio 3.2 . Till 4:59 it worked fine for me but after that my editor section is blank it does not contains mainactivity and activity main file .

  3. I had to checkbox "work offline" in gradle to get the activity xml to show the text and now I have problem with the display text not showing :S I will look up ways to fix this.

  4. Keep up the good working your doing something very awesome …..
    i am looking forward to learn kotlin android development from you from basic to advance…


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