12 Year Old Robot-Building Genius

At 12 years old, Rohan Agrawal knows more than most PhD students in robotics about programming robots. This summer he’s interning at Ologic, a research and development firm that has designed robots for the likes of Google, Disney, and Hasbro. He’s been programming since he was 4 years old, and we were curious about how he got started.

We quickly learned that his story was not just one about a child prodigy programmer but more about how to find and cultivate your child’s inner genius. The formula is straightforward but requires patience and careful observation. Expose your children to a wide range of possible interests, see which they gravitate to, and open the doors for them. Children will spend endless hours doing the things they love to do.

For the full story on how you can discover your child’s inner genius, check out our blog post here: http://hackingplay.com/how-to-discover-your-child-inner-genius

The Bay Area provides rich resources and communities that help children develop their passions. A few that have been especially helpful for Rohan include:
– The HomeBrew Robotics club (http://www.hbrobotics.org)
– The Amateur Radio club (http://www.fars.k6ya.org/)
– Hack the Future (http://hackthefuture.org/)
– TechLab Education (http://techlabeducation.com/)
– Hacker Dojo (http://www.hackerdojo.com/)
– Ologic (http://www.ologicinc.com/)

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About the series:

We are sharing stories of how young people doing great things got to where they are. It starts with a spark of curiosity. Every child is different and every story is different, and we’re hoping to show how to help your little ones live up to their full potential.

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47 thoughts on “12 Year Old Robot-Building Genius”

  1. They tlk abt their succes their interests and yheir hobbies bt y dnt they explain about how they started how much investment they did at the starting from where they acheive that brain

  2. Ive just made The piezo electric transducer with arduino obstacle solver ,im only 13 And now The've selected ne for a chance to go to MAKE PROJECT SHOW

  3. "At 12 years old, Rohan Agrawal knows more than most PhD students in robotics about programming robots"

    Thats obviously not true at all but I understand that you are saying it to make him seem smarter than he actually is.

  4. If he knows more than most PhD students, I ought to be making 6 figures.. But it looks like he's got ROS running on ubuntu so that's pretty good for 12 years old.

  5. Honestly, people think that building robots and programming is some kind of thing reserved for geniuses and people who are better than the rest of us. It's not, sure it might be hard sometimes but with enough grit and determination anybody can get into this, I think this kid is a prime example of someone who had that grit


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