5 Free Software That Are Actually Great!

These are 5 free programs for your PC. If you’re looking for free software for your computer, there’s a lot to choose from. To separate out the good programs from the bad, I will show you 5 free software that are actually great! This is the first edition of this year. This edition will focus primarily on free software for computers running the Windows operating system.

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0:28 Web Browser
1:35 Multimedia Player
2:35 Video Editor
5:50 System Profiler
6:44 Cursor Editor

“Free Software” Playlist

Puffin Browser
VSDC Free Video Editor
RealWorld Cursor Editor

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28 thoughts on “5 Free Software That Are Actually Great!”

  1. Update: The Puffin Browser is no longer free and requires a subscription… What's your favorite free software? Some of my favorites include GIMP, Blender, OBS Studio, Plex and iTunes….. maybe not iTunes ? Thanks for watching!

  2. I stopped using potplayer, which once was my favorite, because I found that it collects your computer info and sends back to its programmer's website. There are actualy several ip addresses it uses to transport info. Turn on your firewall to check any outbound traffic and launch potplayer and then you'll find out.
    I switched to SMplayer and use vlc as backup.

  3. We love VSDC, we've tried many others and found it to be by far better for regular use than SHOTCUT or DaVinci. SImple, fast and intuitive.

  4. I became half way comp literate 11/2 years ago through trial and error my bigest help is YouTube Youngsters. I thank you so much I love it. Shout Out to Tech Nerds.

  5. I liked Glary Ut… Very much takes alot of the hassel out of running around not sure what Your doing. And got the pro at a dsicount.

  6. , nice also Windows should have a feature to change folders as easily as FolderChanger. Google "FolderChanger", works great

  7. 0:41 Cloud servers? So it’s free, but they got cloud servers? Haha nope, no way in the world it’s free, data… data collecting, something like that….

  8. How do you find out how many users a website has and how many website users are currently active. Do you know of a FREE software that can deliver that info


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