5 Smartphone Apps That Make Fitness Easier For You

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Smartphones can make fitness, weight loss and building muscle easier. The most effective apps are ones you may not consider “fitness” apps, but they can do wonders for you. Best of all, they are all free!

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24 thoughts on “5 Smartphone Apps That Make Fitness Easier For You”

  1. Virtual trainer bodyweight app is good. Doesn’t have that many exercises compared to yayog but it’s good for variety of sets,reps and time.You can play around with that more

  2. I can’t recommend YAYOG (You Are Your Own Gym) highly enough. by Mark Lauren. The app is available on both android and apple he has videos on all exercises and includes exercises requiring no equipment and all exercises use only items available in your own home. he has a 10 week workout program and he has programs for all abilities. includes the option to create your own workouts He also includes programs including tabata, timed strength workouts, stappers, ladders etc. It’s really simple layout easy to use and I found it really useful and I recommend it

  3. Ditto on the notepad. It’s the most practical thing I’ve done to track progression. I got started with body weight fitness using Mark Lauren’s you are your own gym app. It’s nice because every exercise has a video showing proper form that plays on a loop. You can build your own workouts or have quick workouts generated for you. Almost everything is no equipment too.

  4. Funny that you say camera, I video'd myself yesterday, to see why my back hurts during/after deadlifts…

    Needless to say, it was my form 😉

  5. Love the Yogi Berra cameo!!! Pen and paper is my go to note taking app. I’m always more consistent than using the phone.

  6. Hey brah awesome video – very informative and useful…thanks. I'm not sure if you've covered the subject of IF, but I'd really love to hear your take on it if you'd care to share. I've been doing the 16/8 method for the last 2 weeks and have noticed quite a few benefits.

  7. I've been enjoying using the Down Dog yoga app. It's free and has a nice variety of yoga workouts for different levels and goals. Although I mostly use it for active rest days.

  8. Al Kavadlo's app was a great choice. I love it for the fact that it has zero equipment workout since I'm not always near a pull-up bar

  9. I like to use an excercise timer when I do wod's like hiit and tabatas. It's a great way to just follow the program and stop thinking about your routine all the time. The notepad is VERY USEFUL!

  10. Thanks Matt!
    I use also:
    – Runkeeper ( it gives all info while jogging,walking,biking etc like distance, time etc..)
    -MusiCloud (to listen music while working out, this one is very simple to use just drag the mp3 files from pc to the app address)
    -Instant heart rate (measure heart beats,just put finger on lens, pretty handy.)
    i also recommend Adblock, because so many of these apps are free, they are heavy in publicity, this apps takes cares of that 🙂

  11. I've really liked an app called HappyScale to keep track of weight loss (unlike many comparable ones it also has functionality for maintenance and weight gain if that is your goal, but it's not as bloated with features as some popular tracking apps). It is simple to use but has excellent graphics and averages out a trend line so you don't get bothered by a few higher measurements. The free version is fully sufficient, but after using it for a year I paid for it to sync/export/backup the data and reward the developer. I've been using a bunch of other nice health and fitness apps like StrongLifts, Runmeter, MyMacros+, Coach.me, Zero, … as well as the camera for progress photos and a food log phase the last year, but none as frequently.

  12. I recommend the xiaomi miband 2 for counting step, also has heart monitor, sleep tracker, also measure calories and distance, and only cost around 20 dollars, i have one year with mine, also has a lot of funtions related more to the smartphone.

  13. Are you watching me? I never gave a crap about step count. But this morning I just decided to start. How's that for weird.


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