9 Musts of Marketing

1. You Need a Specific Target Market

You need an easy-to-find and contact target market. Find out how to fast build a database of potential clients to promote to. Even better – how would you like to get into your prospects heads and know exactly what they are looking for?

To teach you this I’m bringing in the BIG GUNS! A master of asking people what they want (so that you can give it to them every single time) will show you how to zero in on a market hungry for your product or service and how to learn the deal-clinching data you need to turn them into loyal clients.

2. You Need a Magnetic Personal Brand

With the explosion of service businesses this should be your top concern – to differentiate yourself from the pack.

WAKE UP CALL! Your prospects don’t give a hoot about your titles, awards, and your prestigious office location! At the Small Biz Marketing Summit, America’s Top Branding Expert will show you how to discover and build your own brand. Become one in a million, not one of a million!

3. You Need More Visibility and Leads

Visibility equals credibility! You must reach enough people to keep your client pipeline full all the time. At the Marketing Summit you’ll learn how.

Two heavy-hitters in the world of publicity and direct response marketing will show you how to get free publicity and make your advertising work like magic – even on a shoestring budget!

(Tip! Do you know the one strategy that world’s largest businesses use regularly to rake in millions in profits? Direct Mail! You can do it to – we’ll show you how.)

4. You Need Persuasive Marketing Materials

Developing lead generating sales letters and promotional materials that intrigue and generate response is critical, but hiring a copywriter worth his or her salt costs thousands of dollars.

If you’ve ever attempted to create your own fliers, brochures or any sales materials, chances are you were rather disappointed with your results.

One of the Marketing Summit Teachers will show you simple to follow proven formula to create your own “killer copy” that generates new leads and sales.

5. You Need a Follow-Up System

Are you happy with just 20% of the business you could be getting?!

Why? Because studies show that over 80% of all sales are made on or after five contacts with the prospect, yet most people quit following up after just three attempts! Imagine how much of YOUR MONEY is left on the table because you quit too early!

One of the Small Biz Marketing Summit faculty is a “real Queen” when it comes to building a follow-up system that keeps in touch with clients, builds your expert status, generates tons of referrals and oodles of new sales – on a complete AUTO PILOT! She’ll show you how.

6. You Need Consultative Sales Skills

Never present your solution or waste time preparing a proposal if you are not clear about your prospect’s evaluating criteria. This requires the ability to ask the right questions, at the right time and in the right way.

Instead of teaching you “how-to” closing techniques you’ll never remember anyway, at the Summit a Master Sales Trainer who is still in the trenches will explain a consultative approach model that will make you look forward to the next sales opportunity and allow you to obtain sensitive information in an empathetic yet compelling manner.

7. You Need Passive Income

If you feel like taking a day off in the middle of the week does your income take a day off too?

If your income is 100% dependent on your work with clients you are missing the boat! Every one of the Small Biz Marketing Summit faculty generates a large part of their income selling information products.

Your best prospects are an “INFORMATION HUNGRY MONSTER.” We’ll show you how quickly churn out info-products that sell like hot-cakes.

(Note: You can create a new information product and make money from it in 24 to 72 hours – starting from scratch! We’ll show you how easy it is.)

8. You Need a Website That SELLS

Most professionals don’t fully harness the power of online marketing. Not having a web site or worse – spending thousands on a pretty site that will never produce a red-cent of profit.

(Hint! At the Summit I’ll introduce you to a real medical doctor who now makes in one month from his online business what he used to make in a year as a doctor. He’ll show you hands-on how to build your own online marketing hub!)

9. You Need a Starting Point and a MAP

Too much information and not enough implementation? Create a clear plan and make a 100% commitment to taking action.

No more feeling lost and confused, no more living in the future of “someday I will get to it when I have enough money saved, when the kids are out of college, when all the right stars are in the right place….”

At the Small Biz Marketing Summit I’ll show you how to put together your Marketing Action Plan and introduce you to the best Entrepreneur Coach I know. She’ll give you three hours of her time guiding you through the process of creating your Personal Action Plan – outlining the steps you need to take on daily, weekly and monthly basis to build a million dollar business!

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