Android Development Tutorial – Screen Recording

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In this tutorial , you will learn how to create application to record screen

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30 thoughts on “Android Development Tutorial – Screen Recording”

  1. you've gone too fast and it's hard to see what is failing when following along since you haven't provided any actual documentation. (apologize if I missed it). I'll never watch another vid from this user, the my dear is cringy. I must be too green with android for this tutorial.

  2. Perfect…Love this one..!
    But it gives me an error in Samsung A50 device.
    It says – "Failed to get surface".
    And thus, logcat shows blue line in virtual display related code…!

  3. Bruh will u re make this video with some additional features like 3-5second timer before record start and pause and finish button in notification bar plz

  4. when allow permission show me snake bar and when click enable show me again and again … no error but this message in logcat: V/InputMethodManager: Reporting focus gain, without startInput

  5. Sir this in this app video is saved to storage .. But it is not shown in gallery . we have to go file manager to access the video ..

  6. sorry to say sir i am not understanding that what does this app works its a phone video recorder or something else plz explain thanks

  7. Make a video how to use and install back4app and heroky in android studio how to configure I do not find any video explaining current

  8. How about you continue this series? Features such as recording control operations from the notification panel and optionally screen recording with the front camera


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