#Android #Kotlin Let's Build A Workout Log App 1 | Android Studio + Gradle Multi Module Set Up

Welcome to my comprehensive tutorial on building a Workout Log Application in Android, with Kotlin. The purpose of this tutorial series is to show you from start to finish, how to what exactly is required to build a medium sized multi module Android Application. Every episode I will include a commit to the repository where you can get the code so that you can build it along with me. There will be some copy paste from other projects I have built, but I will only copy paste in situations where I would do that just like I was building a new application; therefore be sure to have the commit for the current episode open.
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0:00 Introduction
3:30 Configuring Android Studio and Gradle for a multi-module project.
4:20 Creating a domain and android backend module as a Java Library
6:10 Configuring Project Level build.gradle file
7:58 There will be some copy and paste for these gradle files; I’m not going to waste our time by typing them out. I will explain each thing though, and you can get the code yourself from this link:
*Leave us a star on the repo, if you please.*
8:49 What is ext in Gradle language? Short answer: it allows you to add extension properties (like variables/values) which you can define and change in one single place. DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself
13:00 Configuring Module Level build.gradle file Android Front End Module (app)
14:45 Configuring Module Level build.gradle file Android Back End Library Module (androiddata)
17:13 Brief discussion of Gradle Build Types (buildTypes) such as release and debug, minifyEnabled, code obfuscation
19:10 Configuring Multi Module Kotlin Gradle with a specific JVM version number (you will probably get many failed Gradle builds if you don’t do this!!!)
21:16 Gradle plugins and why Gradle is a great build tool (Good defaults with plenty of opportunity to expand functionality with plugins!)
23:00 Configuring Module Level build.gradle file Domain Java Kotlin Library Module (domain)
25:10 Fixing various Gradle Sync issues and warnings


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