Android Programming Tutorial: Compiling Your First App Using Android Studio – Hello World!

In this video I show you just enough of the basics to get started. I show you what you need to download and install, what files you need to create and edit, and how to build and deploy your app on an emulator.

Basically, I’m walking you through a Hello, World program for Android, holding your hand the entire way – from downloading and installing the software, to writing the code, but building it and running it.

We talk about Views, Layouts, Resources, Emulators, Android Virtual Devices, the Java SDK, the manifest, all through a programming demo.

You can view the playlist of all my Compiling Your First Programs here:

Download Android Studio Here:

Download latest version of Java JDK Here:

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2 thoughts on “Android Programming Tutorial: Compiling Your First App Using Android Studio – Hello World!”

  1. Can't wait for more video from you!! ^v^

    By the way, is it possible if i can have your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? I am still a beginner and many things to learn. I hope to get more feedback to improve it!…

    bit . ly/2tldxaG

    Sorry about the shortened link having spaces in between… Will appreciate if you could remove the spaces to access this google play store app.

    thanks a-hundred !!

  2. Thank you so much for that. I was struggling for a week with trying to setup even hello world (because so many tutorials are outdated), with connection with virtual devices, and this tutorial is one that worked.


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