Android Studio Tutorial – RSS Reader

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In this tutorial we will build a simple rss application. Requirements are:
1) parse an rss feed and conver it to Json
2) Display in Recycler View
3) Click to view full

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20 thoughts on “Android Studio Tutorial – RSS Reader”

  1. I follow your video step by step and the app works but when I click on the article it gives me an error and the application closes. I don't change rss feed yet.

  2. Hello
    How can I save the result of the website pages to the application without having to load it from the Internet next time?
    I want the user to see the loaded results offline.

  3. The moment I click the item it gives an error:
    "Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.example.Interface.ItemClickListener.onClick(android.view.View, int, boolean)' on a null object reference"
    "at com.example.Adapter.FeedViewHolder.onClick("

    line 55 is: "itemClickListener.onClick(v, getAdapterPosition(), false);"

    any idea on how to open it on a browser when you click an item?

  4. Hello sir. Plz help.
    Content on app is not updating on pushing refresh button even after website content is updated with new articles.
    Plz help

  5. Hello sir, great tutorial. After making my app, feed is being shown in <code>.
    Its something like: <div class = '"wp-block-image…..
    And new paragraph is starting with <p>….
    Plz guide me. Your help is much appreciated.

  6. Great tutorial it helped me! But you should consider doing commentary in the videos, so you can easily explain what is going on in the code step by step.

  7. Hello Sir, This video is very usefull for my app, But I have 1 question,… How to parse 2 different rss file into same app????
    i need solution for this question urgantly please sir

  8. Hello, firstly thanks for tutorial

    If you sign up and try to get json, if you click advanced options, site is giving an API Key. I dont know how to use API key. I mean I already converted to json my rss.xml without signing up. But it is showed only 10 items. When I checked rss link there are more than showing ones. Is using API key a solution to increase showing items? If so, can you add a video about this? I have seen that by getting API key I could increase item count in advanced options. Can you suggest me a link for how to use it?

  9. The app may crash if you click on an item on the RecyclerView. To fix this, add this line on FeedAdapter.

    Intent browserIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(rssObject.getItems().get(position).getLink()));



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