Android tutorials: Export your app from Android Studio
Tutorial about exporting (generating signed APK) your application from Android Studio for installing on mobile

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24 thoughts on “Android tutorials: Export your app from Android Studio”

  1. I have generated signed apk and published it successfully but when I download it on mobile it crash "Unfortunately app has stopped.

  2. WAT? I have to do that every time I need to test the app? The matter is the android simulator on Android studio won't work coz it says my CPU doesn't support it.

  3. when i run my apk on my phone it says parsing error. how to isntall my app on android?
    or i need to upload it somewhere like google play and they will make installation package?? can someone tell me how does this work?

  4. pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..I generated the signed apk and then opened it with notepad and then with WinRAR and now I am not able to get it back like it was earlier by default when created and when I generate any of the apk it opens with notepad…………………plssssss help

  5. i created the .apk file but i cannot copy it to my phone !!!!
    How to do that can you please tell me Project TOYO

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