App tutorial: Hype – Create an HTML5 animation (no coding required)

A tutorial explaining how to create a simple HTML5 animation using Hype for Mac. This requires absolutely no coding. The animation is compatible on all iOS devices, a great way of creating

mobile animations.
Download Hype for £20.99 from the Mac App Store:
Download tutorial files:

6 thoughts on “App tutorial: Hype – Create an HTML5 animation (no coding required)”

  1. @adam you can absolutely nest timelines.. but tis a bit different with hype. .you can create symbols that have there own time lines completely independent of the main time line. as well as you can have multiple timelines available that as dependent on user interaction. its pretty amazing what you can do and the form community is very supportive.

  2. Grrr, I was brought here under the search term "adobe edge animate how to add to wordpress". Yeah, clearly I don't have a mac or else I would own Hype. I have a PC, therefore I have downloaded Adobe Edge Animation for FREE from Adobe (thanks Adobe).

  3. I'm wondering if you can nest timelines like movie clips in Flash? For example a rotating logo that repeats forever at the top (one timeline) nested in the larger area?


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