Apple 4.3 Complaints are Increasing

Apple 4.3 Complaints are Increasing (The Daily Overpass #219)

Today, I talk about the recent article on TechCrunch about how Apple is penalizing small businesses:

Apple’s widened ban on templated apps is wiping small businesses from the App Store

And, also the petition on

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Apple 4.3 Complaints are Increasing
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9 thoughts on “Apple 4.3 Complaints are Increasing”

  1. so this means more demand for iOS developers? I wonder where I can find any of these small organizations that would want a developer?

  2. HI Eric, there is no snow in Manchester 🙂

    The Apple guidelines are terrible we were not able to launch Games for the last 2 month because of all the rubish changes etc. 

    Have a great day and enjoy the snow in the south 😉

  3. Hey Eric , I just saw that article and it will affect those who use commercial websites for creating apps and who are not able to hire an developer. I think I will not affect by this . What do you think Is this will affect you ?

  4. ok i will tell about myself here. 120+ games have been removed from sale by apple for me. i m requesting them to allow me to get live with just the top 10 apps of mine but they won't reply. so i read that article yesterday and shared with my friends. if it doesn't work out, i m gonna let my apple developer account go away and see if android works out. the thing is once apple decides on something it is tough to change their mind. earlier google used to be like this but now their AI for app approval is more streamlined than apple. yesterday had 740 petitions. hoping it reaches 100k. will share the link on apple forum, reditt and everywhere. as usa has most adoption for iPhone that is why ignoring ios seems as leaving high ecpms on table.


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