AppPresser: make native mobile apps with WordPress

Build iOS/Android apps using WordPress with AppPresser:

Please watch our updated video here:

AppPresser allows you to create a real app from the ground up, using native device hardware like the camera, using only WordPress.

AppPresser is a set of tools to help you build an app on top of WordPress, it’s not just a mobile theme. Even integrate device hardware like the camera, geolocation, and more.

Submit your app to the iOS App Store, Google Play, and more. People all over the world can download (or purchase) your app! (Optional)

11 thoughts on “AppPresser: make native mobile apps with WordPress”

  1. Carry on the good work.This is a great post on Appresser. I like this topic.Your selection of topic is very good and also well written.Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Apps don't look native to me nor do they look hybrid… it's slow and still looks like WordPress… Seems like a waste of time to me.

  3. I went to the site but didn't find the AppPresser theme. I'm interested in developing with this plugin. Is there a release date, pricing, or external link for the extensions?

  4. Well you say that you can do Android with this but you don't show any examples at any point running on Android. Why is that?


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