Beginning Flutter: 40 Create an apk File

In this video, we compile our application to an apk file, which we can transfer to your Android phone. Please remember to change your environment variables. On GNU/Linux, add the following lines to the .bashrc file in the home directory:

export PATH=${PATH}:/home/your name/flutter/bin
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/your name/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin

NOTE: In previous videos, I added a link to download the source code, and will try to do this in the future. For some reason, github isn’t working for me. Unfortunately, the “some reason” seems to be because I can’t figure it out, and am too embarrassed to outright say so. If I can figure it out in the future, I’ll go ahead and upload the files there, but this is a hack in the meantime.

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7 thoughts on “Beginning Flutter: 40 Create an apk File”

  1. Thanks! The greatest thing in the video(expect the solution of course) was the fact that you we're using Ubuntu, it's better than windows in every possible way

  2. I usually go to build folder then output I think .. but apk there has bigger size it is about 25 MB so when you build it as apk like you did the size become less

    Thank you

  3. .Thanks for the new info. I also noted that if you use your phone via USB debugging, the primary APK is copied into your phone, installed and remains there until you delete it. I actually prefer USB debugging over the emulator.


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