best apps for windows phone 8.1 windows 10 mobile February 2016

best apps for windows phone 8.1 windows 10 mobile February 2016

Apps Mentioned in VIdeo:
#1 Time Sense

#2 Action Note

#3 nPerf speed test

#4 ToolKit Pro

#5 WinTools

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12 thoughts on “best apps for windows phone 8.1 windows 10 mobile February 2016”

  1. good apps! but could you slow down a little when you're speaking (i had no problem understanding you, but most people did and that's why they disliked your video) thanks man

  2. I just stopped paying attention and started watching the face that was reflecting on the black screen. Speak slower.

  3. I m using nokia 1520 i have seen bug in glance setting in windows 10 before in in windows 8 it was fully black screen without light but right now in windows 10 when glance starts sreen appears to be lighted battery consuming. Not purely black screen

  4. Found this app couple of weeks ago. I think it is worth to be reviewed.


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