Build A Python Program to Screw With Your Friends

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In this Learn Python by example tutorial, we will build a Python program to screw with your friends. We will build a program that opens a random website and we will randomize the time between opens. If you need to stop the program press control + c.

34 thoughts on “Build A Python Program to Screw With Your Friends”

  1. did this to one of my school computers. i made it look up gayporn and other naughty stuff (?). had to look up how to autostart it after 4days (so the chance to figure out it was me is smaller). our principal made an announcement about this and we all lost our shit ?

  2. is it possible to add a hotkey that closes to procces/script?
    (not talking about ctrl-c, because you need to write it into a commandline, and therefor need an open (and visable/closeable) window to do it)
    I'm talking about python detecting if you hit, let's say, Shift+c+b, all at once, and then stops the procces??

    I've tried pynput and cv2, but I can't get them to work…. If you have an idea on how to do this, I would really appreciate the advice 🙂
    (I'm a beginner and have been trying python for the last 4 days or so)

  3. im using brackets and dont know how to like open in chrome or like where you tyoed and it opened new tabs how do i go live on brackets

  4. how could I put this on a usb so as soon as I plug it in it starts to run the saved script? Im thinking of opening, say 100… 1000… tabs?r

  5. I had no idea this module existed and i have been programming for over a month now… Im gonna have so much fun with this!

  6. How do you insert it in a network to take effect on all of the devices connected cause what im thinking its very cool…

  7. heyy cool vid, im getting an error at the visit = "http://{}".format(sites) line, it says taberror: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in identation, any idea?

  8. Program is pretty cool, my question will it stop automatically after the time limit set or will it just continue. also how can i get them to open it and run the program?

  9. print('hello, im jk rowling. please type your mothers name')
    print('your mother, ' + momsName)
    print('has been infected with mega gey, pay me ten dollars to reverse')
    print('pay me ten dollars?') #ask for input
    print(' M O N E Y ' * 24)
    print('Please enter the numbers on the front of the credit card')
    print('ill be sure to use it well, thanks')
    print(' G O T T E M')

  10. Add Adsense to a website (monetize it) and infect thousands of people's computers with this python file and poof , you'll earn good money!

  11. Thanks for the video! I got one question. When I try to run the script at terminal with: python3 (the name i gave it) it says: invalid syntax is that because im using python 27? Please help!


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