Build a Shopping App with Moltin – Ep 3 – Xcode project, Cocoapods and Moltin SDK

Build a Shopping App with Moltin
Lesson 3
In this series, I’ll show you guys how to build an ecommerce shopping app leveraging Moltin!

In this lesson, we learn about the different options to integrate the Moltin SDK into our Xcode project. We learn how to set up Cocoapods and to install the Moltin pod for our master detail Xcode project. Finally we initialize and authenticate our app through the Moltin SDK.

The demo we’re building will illustrate a simple shopping flow. Product browsing, product selection, adding to cart and checking out.

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Moltin Swift Getting Started Guide

Cocoapods set up guides

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It’s going to be a little challenging for those who are completely new to iPhone app development so I recommend that you watch my “How To Make An iPhone App With No Programming Experience” series of videos first. That playlist is 17 lessons long but it’ll give you the foundation and explain the terminology and object oriented programming concepts that I’m going to be using in the building of this Shopping App.

That playlist can be found on my site here:

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  2. Great tutorial but the interface in moltin has face and its getting confusing dont know where to start

  3. at 12:49, my Authenticate field doesn't have what is in the video, instead it has this: Moltin.sharedInstance().setPublicId("XXXX"). I'm assuming I missed a step. Please help

  4. Hi Chris, when I hit 'Enter' after this –

    Last login: Mon Mar 14 21:08:53 on ttys000
    Peters-MBP:~ Petermoeller$ sudo gem install cocoapods

    – nothing is just happening.. 🙁 Do you know why?

  5. have you tried using the atom text editor? i've found that the color coded text really helped out a lot as a new coder 🙂 your videos easily have some of the highest quality content i've seen on youtube


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