Build an Image Carousel with React in 5 Minutes (incl. Gesture Support, Hooks)

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Want to Build a Complete Image Slideshow and Carousel with React with great features like Gesture Support and made with Hooks? In this tutorial, we’ll see how to do just that, all in around 5 minutes. react image gallery

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Starting Code:
Final Code:

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17 thoughts on “Build an Image Carousel with React in 5 Minutes (incl. Gesture Support, Hooks)”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I tried your code in a reelle Web page, I noticed that after the last photo, I was directly brought back where is this slider no matter where of the page where I was (example at the foot of the page )

  2. Where would I have to insert this if I already have a function called App? Can I just use a slideshow instead of an app? Somehow I'm confused where I can insert the code into an existing website.

    Or lets say I want to export this slideshow and import on index.js how would this work?

  3. Love this! How can I make info show on click/tap? Either as a pop-up or like a flipping card?

    Don't even need a video. Just point me in the right direction please! ?

  4. Do I need the react-gesture-gallery dependency to just have the image slider work? And is there a way I can use imported assets or file paths on my images array?

  5. I'm using this on a page with a nav bar and headings above it (the only difference from the code provided is that I exported it at the end and imported it to render on Routes rather than using reactDOM to put it on a .html.erb page). When the page first loads the nav bar and heading are visible, but as soon as the image switches the page focus "jumps" so that the carousel is at the top. You can scroll up to see the heading and nav bar again, but when the image switches again the page jumps again. Anyone have any idea what causes this and/or how to fix it?

  6. Great video. Can you show a custom video player with controls or a netflix type of carousel with multiple sliding items using React? Thanks 🙂


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