Build Native iOS Apps on Windows Computers

Now anyone can build App Store-ready apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. The best part is you can do it from your existing Windows computer. (Apple requires you to own a Mac, but now you don’t!). This quick and easy MobiOne demo shows you how

to create a sample app using drag-n-drop features, then generate, test and install an app over the air (no iTunes needed). It’s never been easier to create native iOS apps, especially using what you already own – a MS Windows machine,


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  • Evan Murray

    This is so stupid to just buy a program like this where you can "code an app in 10-30 minutes." Why not spend time learning how to code an app to your full customization for free. Also, don't expect to not have to have a developer account to submit apps to the app store. I have a developer account and its worth just buying one and learning how to code all this cool stuff by hand. And the best thing is that you don't have to put your app on a stupid website and all that bullcrap. You can actually submit it to the app store and make real money off of it. Im telling you people, don't waste your money on this crap! Learn how to code freely and get a developer account before you do. It's amazing!

  • chris carter

    looks amazing! where can i buydownload the program to createmake applications? could i get any link for that please?

  • Kevin Davis

    Is this legal?  Meaning not pirating software?  I know Apple specifically states that you can't develop an iOS app on a Windows computer.  I want to learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps, but I also don't want to break the law!

  • Monte Watson

    Hey i understand that MobiOne is for Windows to make IOS Apps but i have a question did you originally need to have a mac computer of some sort to get the certificate file and privateKey to then transfer those files to a windows computer to actually test your software on a device ? or would i /anyone be able to get these files from a windows computer once i signup to Apple's developer program? I hope you can answer my question i don't have a mac but i would like to start making Apps and i don't want to sign up for the program and not be able to obtain those files because i don't have a mac computer. Plz and thank you 

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