Build Real App with React #11: Internationalisation with React-Intl

In this episode we’ll setup React-Intl package and use it to implement internationalisation of our application.

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30 thoughts on “Build Real App with React #11: Internationalisation with React-Intl”

  1. okay but its not dynamic in real world clients need to click on component and change it dynamically at runtime you know how to ?

  2. One more thing, what is the best way to get the right data from the back-end based on the locale I'm in? do I attach the locale to every single API request I make or what? If you could direct me to the right place where I can learn that it would be great, and if you could make another tutorial about that it will be even more awesome 😀

  3. Dude, I've been searching for "How to do internationalization in react" for quite some time now, and I came across your video by accident, and let me tell you, your tutorial is simply awesome. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Great stuff, man. Great Stuff.

  4. am getting errors over here
    import en from "react-intl/locale-data/en";
    import es from "react-intl/locale-data/es";
    import fr from "react-intl/locale-data/fr";

  5. I want to add the locale to the URL so that I can share the link to my friend over IM in a particular language. How to achive that?

  6. Hey Rem could you clear one confusion of mine? Using react intl we are translating our app into another locale but what about the data coming from APIs. How do we translate them? or they come translated from backend

  7. Hello Rem! Grate tutorial! But I faced the problem with FormattedMessages in list rendering. For example how to translate nav items if they are stored as object array? In common react we use method but when we use FormattedMessage we can specify only array ID but not array item… how to sole this problem? This is my question on stackoverflow. Can you quick look?

  8. This is the best dev course video I have ever seen and I have followed through every episode. Thank you very much.
    I'm a little curious, what tool do you use to draw those mockups? It looks cool.

  9. Thank you so much for this video! I was having troubles using React-Intl and it helped me to solve them!

  10. Nice tutorial! I'd recommend using separate files for each language. Placing all messages in 1 file makes translations hard if you have more to translate.
    There's also babel-plugin-react-intl which helps you to extract messages from your source code and create template files for the translations. Finally there's BabelEdit – a (currently) free editor to work with translation files for react-intl.

  11. Hey Rem, its really easy to follow your coding and how well you explain things! I tried using the formatted message in the new character page but the new language only applies after a page reload whereas the formatted messages in the navigation translate without reloading.

  12. I did the same on the react-bookworm and the swicher does not work. In addition, I changed the components to state, but it also did not help. Where's the problem? Redux works. The view does not rerender. no errors

  13. Rem , почему при смене языка в redux сторе article стейт опустошает ?
    например. Есть список артиклов и язык анлийский. Когда нажимаю на русский , весь этот массив артиклов опустошает

  14. I like this series because it teaches me how to take the easy ways for solving problems. Keep the good work.


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