Building an Ember.js Application

This screencast will walk you through the process of building a blog reader application using Ember.js 1.0.

To view the source for the completed app, see


  • Jesper Arnholtz

    Here is a refactored version based on ember-cli and ember 2.10
    GIve it a star if you like

  • Alisha Tran

    Buid iOS and Android apps without any coding… i'm using Applifier, it's really powerful but easy to use. You can find it on Google by searching >> applifierco <<

  • Daniel Jeffery

    Very awesome Tom!

    However, given the updates, ember cli, deprecations and new best ways of doing things – it would be really awesome for an update. 

    It would certainly help me, and I believe many others. 


  • Harold Cabalic

    How does the 'posts' template know to grab the 'id' value when creating the link for each individual post? I don't understand the relation between ':post_id' and 'id'… (it seems that ':post_id' is an arbitrary name)

  • Jonni Dillon

    As a beginner to programming, having just learned the basics of JS, HTML & CSS (on teamtreehouse, which has amaazing tutorials). I'm now trying to pick up ember.js but it's seeming to be very hard to pick it up, mainly because of a lack of good tutorials. Pasting in blocks of code here there and everywhere just makes this all even more confusing. If you or anyone else could direct me to an easier-to-learn tutorial for ember, or even what I should pick up before attempting this, that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Adam Gelman

    I'm not sure why the var is referred to as 'post_id' in the routing path. I get an error – whereas this works : {
    // other routes…
    this.resource('posts',function() {

  • John Verber

    Great video.  Not sure why people are confused by the hopping around.  Obviously when pasting in the code, I know I'm going to have to go back over the code and review it to understand fully.  But cool video sans the haters. 

  • Gregory Thompson Jr.

    This is good, but it would have been much, much better without the Bootstrap junk. Made some of this hard to follow. Otherwise, great intro.

  • Kyle Shevlin

    Baffled by the haters of this video. I was able to follow this perfectly. In fact, I was a bit worried when it broke refreshing a post and then the next moment of the video you showed it breaking and how to fix it. Great stuff Tom, enjoyed your talk on Shop Talk show recently, too. I'm definitely going to put some time into learning Ember now.

  • Kevin McGee

    This video is very well structured and paced. Essential concepts are covered with a smooth flow showing how the markup and JavaScript are related in an Ember application.  The content depth is spot on for an introduction. The presenter conveys the passion and enthusiasm of someone who has worked quite hard to bring a powerful web application framework to the open-source community.  

  • Ishpeck

    This video is terribly structured.  Too much hopping around between disparate concepts.   Content seems alright but the flow has the scatter-brained feel of a 9-year-old excitedly telling you about his favorite anime.

  • Jim Hawksworth

    Thanks for the screencast, I really enjoyed going through it. I like the Chrome extension too, epic toolness! Ember.js team is pro, looking for learning more.

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