Building Hybrid Mobile Apps with AngularJS and Cordova

We’re excited to bring you another developer-focused session on developing real-world iOS apps with AngularJS and CSS3 and HTML5. is a mobile application for real estate investors engaged in the residential market. It offers one of the world’s largest databases of property information on residential properties, property and deal analysis, deal exchange, a comparable analysis engine, and deal/pipeline management.

Justin and John will share their technical secrets and reasons for building Hoozip from the ground-up, using no UI frameworks such as Ionic or AppGyver steroids.

• Develop your own Mobile Framework (CSS3 and HTML5)

• Deploying your app via Cordova

• Web page optimization and Grunt processes

• Back end API development NodeJS

• UI CSS3 and Javascript strategies

• Using Angular and UI Router : John

About Hoozip
The application was developed entirely on NodeJS, AngularJS, and pure Javascript.

Justin led the UI development while also participating in all aspects of the stack and architecture. The team chose not use a freely available mobile framework; rather, they leveraged a mobile framework that they wrote jAnimate, an internally and specifically for this project. jAnimate will be releases as an open source project and hosted at

Angular is the foundation to Ionic, a mobile platform development tool. Get familiar with Angular, to do more with Ionic, we will show you how.

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About the speakers

Justin Winthers

Justin is a Director of an application group at NRECA where he is building a large enterprise actuarial web application that uses cutting edge JavaScript technologies and .NET Web API. He’s passionate about technology as a JavaScript practitioner and enterprise solution architect heavily engaged in the full stack use of various frameworks such as AngularJS, BackboneJS, and NodeJS.

Justin joined the Hoozip development team as a UI engineer and focused on UI development and mobile design.

Justin is actively developing enterprise and mobile web applications, and open source projects for release on GitHub.

Github: github/JustinWinthers

Twitter: @JavascriptBully

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