BuildStore App Preview

Sorry for low quality.
This is a stable beta version of an app version of the BuildStore website, everything is on there except for the blog. This is a video about how it works, installing the application, and trusting the developer. This app was made in which is great until someone create a professional version. This app is created by me, I do not own BuildStore, all rights go to their respectful owners.

Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door: Title Screen/File Select Music

To use this application sign it with Zeusmos, InstaSign, or Cydia Impactor.Tested on my iPhone 4S

Update: 2016-05-15:
If you updated to iOS 9.3.1 or 9.3.2, the BuildStore application has been revoked! Please wait till’ another update of this app is available.

Update: 2016-06-20:
The problem is that the app is missing the native requirements to run correctly which is the iOS 9.3 SDK, a future update will be released fixing the revoked app. 😛 No copyrights please. 🙁

Update: 2017-04-14:
As of right now, the BuildStore app project has been terminated due to what I like to call “Specific Web Browser Support and Operations Key (SWBSOK)” (I literally just made that up.), from the creators of the BuildStore themselves. Please do not expect any future updates of this app. Note: DMCA was not involved.

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