Cloud Firestore Tutorial for iOS – My App Idea (Lesson 2)

In this Firestore series, I’ll show you how to retrieve and write data to a Firestore database. We’ll also use Firebase authentication with a custom-built login UI. Follow along and learn how to use these powerful tools!

In this lesson, I’m going over the brainstorming process and the app development timeline to reach v1.

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11 thoughts on “Cloud Firestore Tutorial for iOS – My App Idea (Lesson 2)”

  1. QOTD ⚡Do you have any suggestion for features for this app idea? Let me know below!
    ? Kick start your own app with my free 7 Day App Action Plan ➡️

  2. Hey! please can you make a group of this youtube channel on telegram?

    – There you can get more video ideas
    – Members problem can be solved easily as others can interact directly
    – And telegram's feature is just awesome like your work!
    – people can work on group projects because of you!

    btw, great content as always ♡!

  3. I don't think push notifications are necessary for v1, but it would be super cool to see a tutorial for receiving APN's when another user "likes" your post ?

  4. Could you go over why you picked firebase and the other option you might go with based on the situation. Also, would this series be valid for someone working with SwiftUI instead? Would've been great if you went Swiftui because there's a lack of information and we could all learn together


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