Create a Product – Secrets of Creating an Info Product That Sells Like Water in a Desert

To create an information product that sells, you have to find out what your customer base wants. You can do this by surveying your subscribers list by asking them questions like: “What is your most burning question? What is your number one challenge in overcoming this problem?” Just send a simple email to your list and ask them questions like these. Then you will have a better idea of what content you’re going to have to put into your product.

You can also create a multiple-choice questions survey by using Survey Monkey. It’s up to you how you want to survey your list, but you’ve got to do it before you create any products.

If you don’t have a subscribers list, you can always create a pay per click campaign that leads to your survey, so you can get answers fast from your target market.

Another important question you will want to ask your subscribers is what kind of format they would like their products to be in. Do they prefer reading? Do they prefer listening to your advice? Or do they want to watch a video? Ask them what their preferred product format is, so you can either create a PDF report, get some audio tutorials done, or create some videos.

It’s that simple to create a product sells. Ask your target market what they want, and then create the product and then promote it to them. You will get conversion rates that far surpass the industry average of 2%. Don’t be surprised to get conversion rates of up to 10% with such a carefully targeted product.

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