Create WhatsApp Sticker Application – Android Studio

This video demonstrate how to create a WhatsApp Stickers Android application using Android Studio.

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41 thoughts on “Create WhatsApp Sticker Application – Android Studio”

  1. I saw it and instantly subscribed I still haven't seen it but yesterday I had to make it with some stupid 67min Indian videos that only do Indian and not English (edit): I see you are Indian too I love it that you don't make it on Indian you are great

  2. Great and I could create my application and upload it to play store thanks to your tutorials! thank you!!

  3. Hi bro can you make a tutorial tool bar like share rate app about etc… for this whatsapp sticker application

  4. I am Android developer … But we can not direct use GitHub code in Google play store…. If we use this code …our account will be suspended in few days … GitHub is only provide hint for developer…. Not for copy paste….

  5. hello man, can you help me with an idea? I need to add an introduction to my application, can you tell me how to do this?

  6. hii… thanks a lot.. this is good ones..   i have question… How to change the logo for app?  so not cuppy logo appear in app?

  7. somebody know why my webp images doesnt work? he appear on the app, but when i add on the whatsapp he dissapear!!

  8. Bro will please show how to connect this app to firebase so we don't need to generate apk Everytime and users will get sticker pack without updating their app

  9. Instantly subscribed your channel. Awesome Walkthrough and solution oriented video.
    Please also make this solution for iOS app

  10. It not worked for me shows error when clicking on build ' your applicationid is currently com.*****.stickers. please change your applicationid to a different string in app/build.gradle in line 16

    What it means plz reply n solve this

  11. Hey I followed all the steps, I did everything the same, but when trying to install apk, I get the following: "Error parsing the APK". Please help me.

  12. hi bro u use ubuntu ? why not windows? and pls tell how to implement ads in this app where to add ads?

  13. Good.

    Bhai aisi Video b banao jise app mobile me install krny k baad hum sticker pack create kr saky aisi apps banana b batao.


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