Creating Buttons in your App

In this video, Rawad shows you how to use Android Studio to add a button to your Android app.

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14 thoughts on “Creating Buttons in your App”

    Short, simple, and to the point!! More tutorials need to be like that!

    (Seriously, I go out of my way to avoid tutorials that are more than 15-20 minutes long because in my experience, the longer the video is, the longer it takes the person to get to the point, and they're more confusing lkfjsljflsj)

    Anywho, looking forward to the next video 😀

    (I can't believe I'm watching a tutorial series that's still in the works for once lol)

  2. sir how did you changed the android studio's default theme to dark theme please tell me sir i also wanna do that bcoz its look soo preete good

  3. thank you soooooo much sir , and i m soo exited for your next tutorial so please upload daily this kind of android app developing tutorials. so thank full. thanx again

  4. مرحبا روض ?
    I have problem I need solution as you Google pixel and Nexus devices doesn't support video output via USB type c if you have any way to fix that just tell us .

  5. We did something like this in a previous video.


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