Cross-Platform Web Development with PhoneGap

Speakers: Brian LeRoux, Nitobi Description: PhoneGap is an open source, cross-platform tool for writing a single code that runs on multiple mobile platforms using just HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It is not a full OS toolkit and does not provide GUI widgets or high-level features. It’s simply a common API and set of build tools that give you uniform access to the browser and device services. JavaScript fans won’t want to miss this brisk walk-through of Nitobi’s popular PhoneGap project courtesy of lead architect Brian Leroux, creator of XUI and Lawnchair. Get tips on developing effective mobile web apps and learn how you can use your web programming skills to bridge mobile platform gaps.

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5 thoughts on “Cross-Platform Web Development with PhoneGap”

  1. I really love PhoneGap! Recently published a mobile-web app thanks to PhoneGap.
    Check it out u can find it at Google Play called Close2U

  2. one of the best talks by the nitobi folks. I wish Brian did an in depth talk like this for iOS. I mean really. iOS got you guys started, so why just 30 second PR spots for the iOS crowd?


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