When a legend like Aaron Dill offers to customize your Vokey wedges, you jump at the chance, and that’s exactly what we did in this week’s video.

Aaron has built custom wedges from some of the biggest names on the PGA TOUR, including Justin Thomas, Cameron Smith, Jordan Spieth, and many more.


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18 thoughts on “CUSTOM VOKEY WEDGE BUILD!”

  1. Guys, I can't say enough about how great your videos are! I'm extremely surprised to see only 21K subs. Great content and quality! Keep it up fellas.

  2. Unless you're sponsored by Titleist, doing this to your wedges is an incredible waste of money. Save your money and put it towards lessons instead.

  3. Ahh so lucky. Gonna get mine soon, although maybe not stamped up. Decisions decisions!! Top work guys, keep the content coming!


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