Development with Electron: Episode 14 – Building an Installer on Mac

In this tutorial we will look at how create an installer that can be distributed outside of the Mac Appstore. I hope everyone learns from the video and gives a thumbs up if they do! Oh and as always… Have a great day! 🙂

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This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe After Effects on a mac

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12 thoughts on “Development with Electron: Episode 14 – Building an Installer on Mac”

  1. If you get an error that states, "unexpected token 'async function'" then you need to make sure to update your version of node

  2. Hi Cameron,
    Great video tutorials. I have a query about the installer distribution folder. I need a single installation file for a mac system. The installer that we create has to be distributed along with the folder for it to work. The .dmg file is not self contained. Is there a way to make sure I can distribute only the .dmg file and not the whole folder?

  3. Cheers for the video. Plus one on a request for the code signing… Information on it isn't exactly sparse, but code examples are lacking/not clear. Will keep hunting and have subscribed for the great qty of electron tutorials. Cheers.

  4. Greate tutorial

    I nead to setup the automatic update system which help me to push my latest update to the users as simple as posible for the end user

    please help me out how to do this

  5. hello @cameron thank you for your video ..but we are waiting for the code signing video you are talking about in this video. . I am facing this issue and not sure how to fix this .. I am using electron builder and but when I run my app it says code sign invalid . can you please help us with this

  6. thank you for video. Good tutorial !!. Please, please, could you make a video of how to create a installer and put on Apple store !! 🙂


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