Easy Mobile testing with Unity Remote

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Learn how to test your games on your phone with Unity Remote in just a few minutes.

More Info: https://unity3d.college

Join the Group: http://unity3d.group

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18 thoughts on “Easy Mobile testing with Unity Remote”

  1. Ok guys this is how the remote check works…
    if app doesnt work just keep the app turn on and restart your unity few times while it will work.
    Make sure that unity is set with any android device, build settings, and (i have – set version of android (check if u need to set that too)

  2. Wow ,thats a pretty nice looking game! Great Stuff! Are your surfaces using mobile shaders for the majority? Whats the average texture resolution/texel density on your assets? (Very nice UI Design also)

  3. I have an Iphone. Do you know if there's any way to get your game actually onto your Iphone without paying for the $100 annual Apple-Dev membership?

  4. I had some issues to get it working with your tutorial. Version I was testing was 5.6.3p1 on a Windows machine with Android tablet connected. This helped me to get it working:

  5. I always build an apk file and install it on my Android device connecting it to my computer just for a seconds. I used always plugged in device before now but after I screwed phones battery which always was charging I decided not to keep my phone pluigged in.


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