Electron Complete Project || Building Real World Desktop Apps with Electron

Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell[5]) is an open-source framework developed and maintained by GitHub.[6] It was created in 2012 by Cheng Zhao while interning at Intel, in an attempt to work around the problems of node-webkit, a similar framework.[7] Electron allows for the development of desktop GUI applications using front and back end components originally developed for web applications: Node.js runtime for the backend and Chromium for the frontend. Electron is the main GUI framework behind several notable open-source projects including GitHub’s Atom[8] and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code[9] source code editors, the Tidal music streaming service desktop application and the Light Table[10] IDE, in addition to the freeware desktop client for the Discord chat service and Spotify.

Building Real-World Desktop Apps with Electron by Anuj Nair ยท JSCamp Barcelona 2018
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